Baby Proof & Pet Proof Your Home

When it comes to sharing your home with pets or children, there are many precautions to take to baby-proof and pet-proof the area to protect both your belongings and more importantly your beloved animals and children.  Many of the measures you might take apply to both kids and pets so take the time to scan each room for some of the following potential problems:

Plants – Plants and babies and plants and animals don’t usually mix too well. Of course if you have a potted flower on a shelf or well out of reach on a counter top that’s one thing, but be aware that plants might be too alluring for a dog or a toddler to resist resulting in spilled dirt, ruined petals, stains on the carpet, and dead plants. Many plants can be harmful if ingested as well, so it’s just a good idea to keep them far out of reach of curious minds.

Trash Cans – All kinds of messes and trauma can result from trash contents that have been ripped into, tipped over and even…ick…tasted by those who don’t know better. Invest in a good trash can that might be a little more expensive but that comes with a solid lid on top or else find a way to keep the trash can stored under the sink with baby-proof cabinet protectors that make it hard for little hands to pry them open.

Blinds – Window coverings in general, whether it’s typical blinds, curtains, vertical blinds, or San Diego bamboo shades, can pose a threat to pets and children alike. There’s a reason that San Diego bamboo shades and nearly every type of blind or San Diego window covering comes with a warning regarding possible strangulation from cords. Keep the cords high up and tied up and out of reach so that you can avoid any chance of entanglement.

Cleaners & Toiletries – All the various smells and bright bottles are often too tempting to resist whether it’s shampoo or bathroom cleaners or face wash. These kinds of items should be stored well out of reach of pets and kids alike. Consider keeping them in cabinets with childproof protectors or up high where they are impossible to reach.

Sometimes the best bet is just to make sure to keep a pet in a cage at the appropriate time, or closed in a certain room where they are sure to be safe. Children shouldn’t be left unsupervised and little efforts can go a long way in keeping everyone happy and healthy.