Bamboo Shades

If you’re looking for a more exotic look in San Diego window coverings, bamboo shades might be the perfect addition to your windows and glass doors. Bamboo shades are ideal for rooms that are centered on an earthier, natural feel but they can also be dressed up to fit a wide range of styles depending on the color and textures chosen.

Though bamboo is very lightweight, it’s also very durable which is why San Diego bamboo shades are a great choice for those who are looking for long lasting window coverings without being overwhelming and heavy. Bamboo is known for being a natural insulator which helps in regulating room temperatures for warmer winters and cooler summers indoors.

Those who are looking for eco-friendly options in decorating their home or office tend to consider bamboo shades as an alternative to wood window coverings as bamboo grows much quicker than trees.

Explore our options in bamboo shades and you may be surprised to discover that our San Diego bamboo shades are just the touch you were looking for.