Blind Cleaning


If it’s gotten to the point where you hesitate to open your San Diego blinds because of dust and grime buildup, it’s time to get those blinds professionally cleaned! Cleaning blinds yourself can often be a hassle, especially when you have many windows throughout the house that require special attention on each slat to remove the dust and grease. Thankfully we have developed a fast and effective way for cleaning every type of blind to rid them of smoke, pollen, dust and dirt so that you can not only enjoy your beautiful blinds again but breathe easier in the process.


A professional San Diego blind cleaning from Ashley Blinds is a lot more beneficial than a wipe down with a damp rag. We clean the blinds from top to bottom including the slats, the cords, the foot and head rails and the wands entirely. Our thorough cleaning methods will help to eliminate stains and odors while reducing allergens and helping restore your blinds to their original quality.


Depending on the material of the blinds we will either clean them with our unique water and cleanser solution or a hand cleaning process. No matter the case, we remove the blinds completely and clean every moving part and piece with care.