Blind Installation

Blind installation can be quite the undertaking for those who decide to take the task on themselves. Those who are inexperienced can expect to spend many hours measuring the windows or doors while having a certain level of comfort with power tools.

Hanging the blinds straight sounds easy enough, but it’s common for those without experience in San Diego blind installation to discover they’ve hung the blinds slightly crooked and have to start all over again. If you are feeling ambitious you can always try your hand at installing them yourself or you can save yourself the hassle and rely on Ashley Blinds professionals for your San Diego blind installation to make sure it’s done correctly in no time!

Our professionally trained installers will handle the task with ease while providing you with a good estimate on how when you can expect the job to be done and what you can expect from the finished product. They should also be able to provide you a good idea ahead of time on how much you might pay for the installation while giving you helpful recommendations for blind types and what kind of options are available for your price range.