Blind Repair

Regardless of what type of blinds you have, there’s going to come a time when blind repair is necessary to fix the result of regular wear and tear. You may find yourself in need of replacing one single slat which requires removing the broken slat from the blind and having a new one installed to the slider and wire.

Todd Ashley coordinates and handles all repairs for Ashley Blinds. He does both in-home mobile visits for repairs. You can also coordinate with him to drop off your repair at the office (drop-offs need to be coordinated with Todd). Just give us a call (extension 3 for repairs) and see if Todd can help you out with your repair needs!

With constant opening and closing of blinds there’s always the chance that they may not be lowered or raised evenly causing some twisting of the blind cords. For more complicated repair needs, it may be best to rely on the expertise of San Diego blind repair professionals to assist in replacing any defective parts and making sure the blinds are restored correctly.

At Ashley Blinds we carry the necessary pieces for repairing any blinds, shades and shutters. We can also offer our professional experience in replacing or repairing your blinds. Whether you need vertical blind repair or repair on your standard horizontal blinds, we’ll get the job done right.