Designer San Diego Roller Shades


Create A Personalized Look With San Diego Roller Shades






















Take an otherwise dull room without much visual interest and turn it into something stylish and chic with the help of Ashley Blinds, San Diego roller shades, and a vision! Of course many people will still prefer the classic look of white or neutral colored roller shades, but if you’re feeling more adventurous and want to find a way to add a burst of color in a less conventional way, consider what can be done with San Diego roller shades.




Fabric Covered Roller Shades- These have been popular lately among those who like to hunt for their own fabric and choose patterns that they can pick on their own.


Fabric can be attached to your normal fabric shades that you have purchased through Ashley Blinds and you can go to town updating them yourself. For those who aren’t as adventurous, the best bet is to turn to the professionals for proper installation and San Diego roller shades options in various colors and patterns.


View this ambitious tutorial here for inspiration. Though she had some trouble with re-installing the blinds correctly, we can help you make sure you get the shade put up properly so they function well.




Ribbon Roller Shades- If you’re craving an added detail to your San Diego roller shades, what could be better than a ribbon border in your choice of color, texture and design?  As seen in this creative tutorial, with the help of fabric glue, Ashley Blinds roller shades, an iron and ironing board, and some patience and attention to detail can result in some truly original San Diego roller shades.


Of course you can always opt out of the DIY path and simply peruse our wide variety of roller shade options that are already customized and ready to hang.





Stencil Roller Shades- Instead of gluing and ironing, try your hand at laying down stencils on your roller shades and using sponges and fabric paint to make roller shades that compliment your office or home in style.


Southern Living Magazine has some truly inspirational tutorials on transforming roller shades into works of art. To start with, contact Ashley Blinds to get the proper measurements for your new roller shades and to get professional help in installing them so all your creative work doesn’t go to waste.