Faux Wood Blinds

Wood blinds have been a classic choice in San Diego window coverings for thousands of homeowners who appreciate the stylish look that compliments any décor. For those who like the look of wood but have to be more conscious of a budget, there’s always the option of choosing faux wood blinds for a similar look at a lesser cost.

San Diego faux wood blinds come in either vinyl or wood composite formulas with vinyl being the least expensive option. One of the advantages that faux wood blinds has over San Diego wooden blinds is their ability to be more tolerant to humidity or excessive heat which prevents them from warping or splitting. Many customers prefer faux wood blinds in children’s bedrooms because of their resistance to scratching and warping.

Those who are especially concerned with environmental friendliness might be more inclined to choose faux wood blinds over natural woods blinds. At Ashley Blinds we can assist you in choosing the right stain and materials for your faux wood blinds.