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Window Shutters San Diego Style!

There’s nothing better than a new set of window shutters San Diego style!  Beautiful wood window shutters and plantation shutters can really make a difference in your home.  Ashley Blinds in San Diego offers a wide selection of styles and prices for you to choose from.  Just give us a call and we would be glad to help you pick out the ones that are just right for you and your home.  Call today for a free consultation on blinds, shutters, shades and window treatments.


What comes to mind when you think of a beautiful Plantation style home in the South?  For me, I think of a two-story, perfectly symmetrical shaped home with towering white columns and porches that wrap around the entire house.  I imagine tall French windows with wooden shutters that are opened ever so slightly, letting in a soft, cool breeze.  Did you know that those beautiful wooden shutters can be traced all the way back to the times of ancient Greece?  Even though they were constructed from marble, we still use shutters today for the same reasons as the Greeks; for light, ventilation, and protection from the elements.


Why do we love living in San Diego? Okay, there are hundreds of reasons why but near the top of most people’s list is the beautiful weather.  Year-round sunshine with just the right touch of humidity, not too hot and not too tropical.  Though this is the perfect combination for the beach, it can do a number on your window coverings, furniture, and carpet.  Shutters give you the ability to control the amount of light coming into your home.  Simply close the louvers for privacy, and open them for beautiful natural light.  The bigger the louver (fancy name for slat), the more light shining through.  Ashley Blinds carries louver sizes ranging from 2.5 to 4.5, with 3.5 being the standard in most homes.

But let’s not forget the cool ocean breeze.  Have you ever opened your windows to enjoy the breeze only to have your blinds crash around like crazy from the wind? Unlike blinds or shades, shutters are strong and rigid, allowing you to adjust the louvers to the perfect breeze without all the rattling and crashing.

Whether it’s summer or winter, shutters provide another layer of insulation, lowering your energy bills by as much as 35%, while protecting from the sun’s heat and Mother Nature’s intense cold.  What could you do with those extra savings?


The number one question people ask us concerning shutters, what’s the difference between real wood and composite wood shutters?  Well, we made it easy for you.  Read below to see which material works best for you.


Beautiful, sleek look


Energy- efficient

Complete light and privacy control

Increases Home Value

Long lasting investment


Natural beauty- constructed from a wide array of wood types, nothing compares to the beauty of a natural wood grain highlighted in a piece of wood.

Color options and staining options available- can’t find the color you are looking for?  Ashley Blinds can color or stain your wood shutters for you.

Stronger than composite shutters- made from real solid wood instead of a synthetic material such as polycore.


Washable & Durable- composite shutters are made with a PVC or synthetic materials which are more durable than wood.  Composite shutters also have a smooth non-porous surfaces making them washable.

Less expensive than real wood shutters- not only is wood more expensive than PVC or synthetic materials, they also have additional production costs like staining and painting.  Composite shutters cannot be stained or painted thus reducing production costs.

Moisture resistant- with higher exposures to humidity and moisture, comes the possibility of warping, cracking, sagging, discoloration, and mildew.  Because composite shutters are non-porous they are able to withstand higher levels of humidity and moisture.

Maintenance-free- no painting, coloring, sanding required.

No matter what your style, Ashley Blinds has the high quality shutters you are looking for!