Why Woven Wood Shades


When it comes to window coverings in San Diego, woven wood shades are all the rage. Wood shades help compliment a very current and modern look and also blend well in earthy homes and offices for a unique and more personalized addition.



Often times these types of shades are made out of bamboo is an easy to grow plant and makes these window coverings a very eco-friendly option. Woven wood shades can be made to either roll up or down and are available in quite the range of textures and sizes. Many home builders or business owners want to be able to choose décor that emphasizes their individuality and woven wood shades are a great option because no two pair of shades is ever the same.



Whether they’re made out of bamboo, grass or reeds, each piece comes with its own unique beauty and texture with various patterns and natural colors. These type of shades are especially popular in warm climates for their ability to help control the temperature indoors while promoting a beach-like feel about the room.



Not only are these shades a fresh option for those who are looking beyond the typical shades or window coverings, but they’re a great choice when it comes to protecting people and furniture from the damaging effects of over exposure to ultraviolet rays. Woven wood shades are known for their ability to block out the harmful rays of the sun and in providing complete privacy when drawn.